Darren Medland

In a distant past I had a Kodak folding bellows camera, eventually it leaked light and all my photos had a rectangle missing in the top right hand corner. I don't recall what happened to it but it was replaced by the en vogue Kodak ''instamatic'' My Father and I had a dark room and I used to develop and print all my own images in B/W- colour beyond my fledgling abilities.

Teenage years came and I fell out of love with photography, cars, alcohol, girls and the want to be a lead guitarist and rock star got in the way!

I went to Kenya about 15 years ago taking a compact film camera with a massive 48-170mm zoom. It's limitations soon became apparent and the following year for a trip to India I bought my first SLR (with a 28-300mm zoom lens!)

I was once again hooked back into photography. A self confessed technophobe in 2005 I traded in my trusted EOS 1NRS for a 350 DSLR.

I still have several film cameras and a healthy film stock still resides in my fridge but it will never see the light of day or a flash.

One day I'll get around to scanning the best of the 10,000 + slides and negatives I have stashed away in boxes and cupboards............

Photography, travelling/new cultures and wildlife adventures; I'm never happier than when I can combine all three. My soft spot is for Tigers and I'll never forget my first (Machli) in Ranthambhore.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and I hope you enjoy it